Full-throttle into 2014

I have not been blogging for two years now. Time to change that again… Let me start by quickly reflecting on 2013, and the setting some new words for 2014.

2013 was in many ways a strange year for me. I did lots of stuff I loved, I spent much more quiet, thinking time than other years – this certainly helped in bringing order to my introverted mind. I don’t think I’ve been “letting go” the way I intended at the beginning of the year. So my grading:

Light: B+
Love: A
Liberate: D-

Maybe one can argue that I’ve had limited success, but I’ll give it another go: My words for 2014:

Scaffold: I’m worried about scaffolding from two perspectives – my students, and what I provide to them to empower them, myself, and what I put in place to do future projects I wish to do.

Skills: In IT these have the tendency to get outdated at an unbelievable speed. However, I am not only talking IT skills…  I see this year as  a renewal year for me…

Share: This has been on the agenda for a long time, and while I do a not too bad job in the small, I suck at it in general. More time to work on it and drop my perfection streak.

OK, let’s see how it will go…


2 Responses to Full-throttle into 2014

  1. Laurie Butgereit says:

    Looking forward to reading your blog in 2014.

  2. […] is keeping me from getting A+ on all my three 2014 words of direction? What’s keeping you from achieving your […]

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