A superb non-death-by-powerpoint demo included with Powerpoint 2010!

What a welcome change…

Distributed with PowerPoint 2010 you will find Duarte’s Five Rules for Creating World-Changing Presentations, a fun, informative guide to help you create effective presentations. It’s a great example of what can be achieved with Powerpoint 2010 in a non-death-by-powerpoint way.  OK, Duarte is a well-known design firm, but maybe that’s a very good reason to pay attention.

Of course, what is great is that one can have a look at exactly what they did to get the effects you see. So you can really learn from the masters…

Getting to the demo.

Easy, just go to the “File” tab, click “New” and double-click “Sample templates”. Then select “Five Rules”, Hit F5 to start the show, sit back and enjoy.  I bet afterwards you will want to have a look at what goes on behind the scenes.

What new features did they use?

A complete list of techniques appear in the last slides of the presentation, but to whet your appetite…  They used several new image enhancement techniques, including background removal; some of the new boolean graphic operators (union and intersection); several new animation features; slide transitions; embedded video and audio….

Of course don’t forget the content!

The presentation contain valuable presentation design information and is arranged around five rules. What are those five rules? (annotated in brackets by me)

A simple, but great message! Isn’t that what good presentations are made of?

Don’t have Powerpoint 2010 yet?

No problem watch the video of the presentation… Yes it was all done, voice etc included in Powerpoint 2010!!!

If you are serious about presentations the new features in PowerPoint in my opinion is well worth the upgrade? Of course if you just want to “kill your audience” there are cheaper ways of doing that….

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